The Kingdom of Tonga, spread out over an archipelago of 176 islands, claims to be 'the place where time begins' given it is first to see the sunrise every day of the year. But it could also be the place where time stands still, for this unique Pacific nation proudly boasts a culture where ancient traditions are treasured.

 The Tongan people whilst powerful in stature can appear inherently shy in nature. And this may have something to do with a way of life that shuns modern accessories for the simple pleasures in everyday life. Whether you pass through the Capital of Nuku'alofa, or the hinterland villages on Vava'u, you will observe women weaving traditional 'tapa' matts or creating hats from colourful flax and flowers.

 In Tonga, you will be drawn to the sea. Here, the sailing is unrivalled, the crystal-clear waters perfect for diving and the deep sea fishing has a World famous reputation. And whale-watching is fast becoming a reason to visit in itself, the locals believing they are guardians for the giants of the sea.

Tonga - the Friendly Islands, come experience it for yourself ! 

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Thanks to laterallife NZ for making our Anniversary holiday to Fiji such a joy and, mostly, for taking all the stress and hassle out of the pre-trip planning. Every thought and detail had been anticipated and we felt like VIP guests everywhere we went. Everything went without a hitch, such a joy when you meet a true professional in their field. Thank you laterallife NZ !

-Russell Kroon - Director, Mining. Queensland, Australia.

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I just wanted to say a massive Thank You to laterallife NZ for organising our trip to the Pacific Islands. It was in the fine detail that laterallife excelled and the outcome was beyond anything we have ever experienced. We have had many trips to Fiji and the islands both for business and for pleasure but I can genuinely say that nothing has come even close to this experience. It was a unique, special, touching and luxurious in an understated way - simply idyllic. Well done to your team and I cannot recommend laterallife NZ more highly.

-Maryann Russell - Senior Manager. Gold Coast, Australia.

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