Is this jewel of the Pacific the ultimate hybrid of traditional Polynesia and a sophisticated (French) European culture ? One minute laid-back and island-chilled, next minute Michelin cuisine or haute cuisine. Add jaw-dropping scenery and an incredible feeling of escapism - we call it the Tahitian Experience !

If you're after waking up in an idyllic overwater bungalow in the middle of a stunning lagoon, then Bora Bora and Moorea is the place for you. And venture a little further out and you'll discover a part of French Polynesia that will fill your heart with memories - the vanilla plantations and black pearl farms of Taha'a, or how about the dazzling marine life of Rangiroa where the waters lap on to pink sand beaches. Explore your inner-Gaugin and let the dazzling array of colours and smells spring forth from your imagination.

 Some say that Tahiti is best experienced by boat, whether it be under sail or on board a tall ship as the early explorers did when they discovered this island oasis. Jump overboard and find the incredible diving here is a journey in to a World of unique beauty.

 Each day can be a new adventure in Tahiti.

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