Afio mai, Afio mai, Samoa - welcome, welcome to Samoa !

There remains an untouched raw beauty to the islands, and people, of Samoa. This is a culture that can feel relaxed beyond modern ideals one moment, and then structured and traditional the next. The lush jungle is full of village life where the Chief remains paramount and a collective wealth is measured not in money but in how many pigs have been fattened for the next feast. And these are a religious people, with a visit to a Sunday church service a must if you want to get a sense for the essence for these highly spiritual people.

And in Samoa, your senses will be saturated beyond normal limits. Make sure you experience a Fiafia - an island banquet that might include raw fish salad, taro, pulasami and charred-pork before settling in to the dessert of baked papya, breadfruit in chocolate sauce and mango salad. Wash it down with a refreshing local beer, Vailima - or maybe even 2.

There is plenty to entertain yourself in Samoa, whether it is bathing in the cool waters beneath Togitogiga Waterfall or catching some shade under a frangipani tree Lalomanu beach whilst watching the locals catch their dinner with no more than a handcrafted spear and a keen eye.

 And wherever you go, there is a music ! Whilst the Samoan people may at first appear to be shy, put a guitar or hymn sheet in front of them and the World is their stage.

 Robert Louis Stevenson called this wonderful island nation Treasure Island and it is full of hidden gems just waiting to be found.  

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Thanks to laterallife NZ for making our Anniversary holiday to Fiji such a joy and, mostly, for taking all the stress and hassle out of the pre-trip planning. Every thought and detail had been anticipated and we felt like VIP guests everywhere we went. Everything went without a hitch, such a joy when you meet a true professional in their field. Thank you laterallife NZ !

-Russell Kroon - Director, Mining. Queensland, Australia.

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I just wanted to say a massive Thank You to laterallife NZ for organising our trip to the Pacific Islands. It was in the fine detail that laterallife excelled and the outcome was beyond anything we have ever experienced. We have had many trips to Fiji and the islands both for business and for pleasure but I can genuinely say that nothing has come even close to this experience. It was a unique, special, touching and luxurious in an understated way - simply idyllic. Well done to your team and I cannot recommend laterallife NZ more highly.

-Maryann Russell - Senior Manager. Gold Coast, Australia.

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