If you were born with a set of fin's and gill's, then it is likely that Niue is a place you'd feel right at home.

 This volcanic atoll nation must be a contender for the cleanest waters on the Planet. A haven for divers and marine biologists, Nuie is the home to an incredible array of sealife that includes snakes more dangerous than a cobra and breeding Whales so close to the surrounding reef that their spray can be felt on the face of fishermen. A pod of Spinner dolphins might join you on your subterranean journey but may not distract you too much from all the beauty found beneath the water.

 Maybe your dinner menu will include fresh Uga, aka the large local crab that feasts on coconuts that it has cut with its own vice-like claws. Or maybe the wild pork is more your taste, the hiking through the mountainous forest is full of them and rewarding for its sensational views.

 Prepare to be surprised by Nuie, a tiny nation that's big on natural beauty.

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