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This beautiful island nation will place a lagoon around the heart of every visitor. Its easygoing-nature, where the English - and Maori - speaking locals are populated mainly on the largest island of Rarotonga, will hit you as soon as you are serenaded at the Arrivals lounge by 75yr old Jake Numanga and his guitar. Everything in the Cooks reminds you that life's simplicities can be its greatest luxury - enjoy a a cold 'Nu' (green coconut) from a roadside stall, take in a jeep safari in to the mountainous highlands, or dine on exquisite fresh seafood caught by George Koteka 'The King of Charters'.

And if Rarotonga is too hectic for you, with its 40-min circular road and tiny villages, then head out to the lagoon paradise that is Aitutaki. This palm-shaded island is a short plane trip away from the main island but it may as well be from another World. Stunning turquoise waters hold some of the best diving on the Planet with its giant clams and spectacular sea life. Look out for the kite-surfing and paddle-boarding and windsurfing because this is paradise for the Water God in you.


Beyond Rarotonga and Aitutaki are more remote, sparsely-populated islands like Atiu, where some of the World's best Arabica coffee beans are grown. Or how about a visit to Manihiki, where Black Pearls are grown and harvested by passionate sea-farmers. 

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laterallife NZ organized a wonderful 2 week trip around New Zealand for my elderly parents and I. Every consideration and detail was made to ensure our every experience was a genuine connection with the Kiwi people, who touched our hearts with their generosity. We now have a special place in our heart for New Zealand and thanks again to laterallife NZ for making such special memories for our family.

-Domitilla Pozzi - Banking Executive. Rome, Italy.

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Thanks to laterallife NZ for making our Anniversary holiday to Fiji such a joy and, mostly, for taking all the stress and hassle out of the pre-trip planning. Every thought and detail had been anticipated and we felt like VIP guests everywhere we went. Everything went without a hitch, such a joy when you meet a true professional in their field. Thank you laterallife NZ !

-Russell Kroon - Director, Mining. Queensland, Australia.

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