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Head out from gorgeous Tutukaka in to this stunning Marine Reserve.

Discover the Poor Knights Islands and their unique marine life.

Jacques Cousteau rated the Poor Knights as the best sub-tropical diving in the World and as one of the Top 10 dive sites, anywhere.

Water temperatures here are warmer and visibility is clearer than on the New Zealand coast.   The Poor Knights islands have volcanic origins that provide a myriad of spectacular drop offs, walls, caves, arches and tunnels.   This complex underwater landscape results in a unique environment in which subtropical and temperate marine life co-exist with extraordinary diversity, beauty and density.

A dive at the Poor Knights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; very different to coral reef diving or diving on the New Zealand coast.   The Islands are a total Marine Reserve, allowing the fullest proliferation of nature's underwater wonderland.   Everything is alive, thriving and colourful.


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