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Scenic Splendour

New Zealand is truly blessed to be pyhsically beautiful and diversely different. This unique country offers the nature lover majestic mountains, ruggd back country, deep blue and green lakes, windswept landscapes, crystal clear water streams and peaceful wilderness. New Zealand has a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites and not one of them is manmade.

Here you can take the time to walk through untouched countryside, where you can dip your toes in the water and fill your bottle before you continue your journey.

My wife and I are both busy professionals with 4 kids so planning our dream trip to New Zealand for a family holiday could have been a nightmare. Instead it was brilliantly organised by laterallife NZ and we merely had to board the plane without having added to pre-departure stress. We absolutely loved the people and places we met in New Zealand and our kids still talk about seeing the dolphins and whales. My wife still dreams about the food and wine ! Thanks so much again to laterallife, you guys were simply amazing throughout.

-Chris Ramage - Law Partner. Leeds, United Kingdom.

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Our trip to New Zealand with our 3 kids has left us with lifelong memories. It is not just the incredible beauty of the country but the friendliness of the people that make it a special place. Special mention must go to laterallife NZ - our superbly planned itinerary took in lots of surf spots for me, the best vineyards and eco-lodges for my wife and our kids cried at the airport when we had to leave. Thanks again, laterallife, you are special people !

-Adam Cully - Senior Legal Counsel, BDO. London, United Kingdom

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